Andrew Greer's Songs from the Dark album cover

Andrew Greer’s new record Songs From The Dark is here! His first singer-songwriter album in over ten years, this album is an expression of Andrew’s open posture toward the full range of human experience.

Here’s a description of the album in Andrew’s own words:

“In The Toilers of the Sea, Victor Hugo wrote, ‘Melancholy is the happiness of being sad.’ While some
judge the writer as a sad sack for taking pleasure in the doldrums, I have always filled my cup with the
tears that fill the well of sadness. In living, sometimes we draw a win, sometimes a lose. My life has been
made bearable, nay, been made hopeful by opening up my mind, heart, and spirit to a full range of
emotions. These songs express those emotions––fear, joy, loss, surprise, grief, hope.”

Download Songs From The Dark