Bellsburg POP UP SALE!

With the support of 1559 backers, we were able to create a new double-album celebrating the songs of Rich Mullins... recorded inside Rich's old house in Bellsburg, TN. And you helped to 'stretch goal' two additional albums too! Due to popular demand, we are opening up...

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Old Bear Records is Road Tripin’!

Old Bear is taking a road trip to Nashville, TN in September and we would love to see you there!  What is better than good music, friends and celebrating an icon's music?  We have the answer..... NOTHING! Rich Mullins is one of the most influential Christian singer...

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Weston Skaggs “How Long?” Single!

Buzzing into being like a second-hand mower, “How Long” is an abrupt alarm that shocks then awakens the soul’s defense systems.  Psalm-like in its complexity, the new single by Weston Skaggs, is a protest anthem, dirge, and Whitmanian reflection all rolled into one...

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Jimmy Abegg and Old Bear Records Team Up!

Singer/songwriter, Painter, photographer Jimmy Abegg and Old Bear Records are now teaming up to produce three new records and a documentary.  Jimmy originally from Alliance, Nebraska now resides in Nashville.  We here at Old Bear are excited to welcome  Jimmy into the...

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“As The World Falls Down” by Kevin Max

…we are invited to get lost, to forget what year it is (how old was I when Labyrinth appeared?) and allow the stripped down questions to employ carefully placed explosives to free the listener from the heaviness of existential and/or theological weight.

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“Wasted Years” Live version Ian Zumback

Ian Zumback’s cover of “Wasted Years” opens in a quiet, composed meditation that can only be obtained through years of silence and striving towards spiritual growth. Gone are the overtones of a rock band’s search for a way to express sentiments of carpe diem. What...

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Our Story

Old Bear Records represents a diverse roster of artists and bands that range from instrumental, folk, indie rock, religious, blues, singer-songwriter, and avant-garde; Old Bear cares about sharing the music that they love with listeners that will love it too.  Old...

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Old Bear Studio

Looking for our team to produce your next record? We are excited to work with you!