Old Bear Records represents a diverse roster of artists and bands that range from instrumental, folk, indie rock, religious, blues, singer-songwriter, and avant-garde; Old Bear cares about sharing the music that they love with listeners that will love it too.  Old Bear Records is based in Western New York and operates in tandem with their recording studio, Old Bear Studios and a vinyl album re-issuing subsidiary, Old Bear Reiussed.

What makes our record company different is our willingness to take risks with music we believe is great, in spite of what is popular at the time and whether or not what we release swims upstream against the current of mainstream music.  Back in the seventies, record companies took more risks on music that was different; and as a result minimized mainstream formulas which resulted in a strong diversity in music.  We believe that contributed to some of the greatest music that has ever been released commercially.  We want to follow in similar footsteps, and hope to mine for some timeless musical gold as we follow our motto of giving our listeners “the upstream sound.”