Carli Brill

Andrew Greer

Singer-songwriter Carli Brill crafts charming, intricate retro-pop that blends the warmth of 60s-era radio hits with a sleek and modern sophistication. With honey-smooth vocals and a knack for complex rhythmic shifts, Brill has a natural gift for musical storytelling, sharing her distinctive worldview through introspective lyrics inspired by everything from childhood experience to faith.

Born and raised in Southern California, Brill grew up dabbling in guitar, piano, voice, and flute, inspired by 50s and 60s acts (The Beach Boys, The Mamas and The Papas, Simon and Garfunkel) whose work spanned a wide spectrum of styles. Brill had her first encounters with music in the local church and though young in age, it wasn’t long before she regularly found herself playing in a Sunday morning service. As time went on, she began writing music and invested into exploring her artistry, eventually stepping away from church music altogether. Brill released a DIY Christmas album via Bandcamp in 2016, piquing her interest in a music career. She was awarded by British artist Jessie J, an opportunity to record tracks at LA’s Capitol Records which preceded her move to Nashville, TN. In 2022, her song “Concrete Jungle” was placed on American Songwriters Top 22 songs of 2022 and has acquired the admiration of music reviewers all around.

“If there’s any justice to be found in this crazy world, the depth and dynamism of Brill’s artistry will be discovered by the music-loving masses soon enough.” – Albumism

Since then, Brill has released numerous works and is ever evolving as an artist and songwriter. She has somehow has found her way back to those first musical encounters through God and her new work speaks of her faith while aiming to steward the sound she’s been given. Experimenting with shifting rhythms and vintage tones, the essence of Brill’s creative process can be found in Psalm 19:14.