It was in Rich Mullins’ The Jesus Record demos where many of us first connected with Rich, not just as a Gospel music icon, but as a great American songwriter. The picture that those tapes painted was one of the barefooted Rich, squared off with a tape recorder in some old church somewhere, laying his music down song by song. It’s an experience not unlike hearing the early recordings of a young Hank Williams, Woody Guthrie, or even Bob Dylan.

So in the spirit of those tapes, we have recorded these songs. An old cassette deck. A few takes. Inside Rich’s old house. The sound of his living room alive and buzzing with a community of musicians singing and strumming over the moan of the house’s aging wooden floors. Rediscovering the gentle simpleness of a few instruments and harmonies … really all a Rich Mullins song ever needed to be heard.

We hope you like what you hear. If Rich happens to be listening in, we hope this gives him a grin, too. We sure had a lot of fun creating in Bellsburg.