Paul Levinson

What happens when you mix the experimental production of Old Bear Records producer, Chris Hoisington with the Old Bear Session Squad and an award winning science fiction author?  You get “Welcome Up” by Paul Levinson, that’s what!  We can honestly say, we’ve never done a project like this and we are really proud of the results of this artistic collaboration with Paul!  

Chris Hoisington knew of Paul from his 1972 album release “Twice upon a rhyme” that has since been reissued four times (once in Japan and once in South Korea!)  Chris felt that Old Bear could make a great album with Paul that combined Paul’s penchant for all things science fiction with Paul’s natural musical bents towards sunshine-pop and psychedelic folk-rock.  We believe Chris was right!

“Welcome Up” is a collection of eight songs that beam you up into a creative galaxy where you take on the persona of an astronaut exploring sonic spaces that at times are reminiscent of The Beach Boys on tracks like “Welcome Up” and “Tau Ceti;” and at other times can feel like the MC5 being shot out of a ray gun on tracks like “Samantha.“


Mike Kelley