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The Old Bear Story

Let’s sit and talk about how this whole journey started…

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Every tribe has a story. The tale of Old Bear Records, Old Bear Studios, and all the people who wear the badge of Old Bear must be told

Weston Skaggs “How Long?” Single!

Buzzing into being like a second-hand mower, “How Long” is an abrupt alarm that shocks then awakens the soul’s defense systems.  Psalm-like in its complexity, the new single by Weston Skaggs, is a protest anthem, dirge, and Whitmanian reflection all rolled into one...

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Jimmy Abegg and Old Bear Records Team Up!

Singer/songwriter, Painter, photographer Jimmy Abegg and Old Bear Records are now teaming up to produce three new records and a documentary.  Jimmy originally from Alliance, Nebraska now resides in Nashville.  We here at Old Bear are excited to welcome  Jimmy into the...

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“As The World Falls Down” by Kevin Max

…we are invited to get lost, to forget what year it is (how old was I when Labyrinth appeared?) and allow the stripped down questions to employ carefully placed explosives to free the listener from the heaviness of existential and/or theological weight.

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In addition to Old Bear’s recording studio and stable of artists, the collective has begun reissuing some deserving albums that have influenced its founders over the years.

Old Bear Studio

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